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Latest NewsMade in Indonesia´ furniture now in India
Made in Indonesia´ furniture now in India

Made in Indonesia´ furniture now in India

Fancy having furniture made of sea grass and mats using tree roots? ‘Rama and Shinta(Sita)´ doors from Bali, ‘Loro Blonyo´ artifacts of Ganesha, Arjuna and even Ravana capture the rich tradition of craftsmanship and diverse natural resources of the world´s biggest archipelago. Made in Indonesia, the furniture is set to woo the Indian buyers.

“What is unique about the country´s workforce is craftmanship and the raw material used to manufacture them.

Most of the products are hand-made and take anywhere between one to three months for making the finished product,” says Rizali W Indrakesuma, Minister Counsellor, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.

Rizali points out that carpentary, craftworks and designing are traditional occupations of the country. The governmental efforts are to help this lot by extending financial assistance through co-operatives, he says.

The raw-materials used in furniture make it distinct than the Indian products, Rizali says.

“Rattan – the raw material used is flexible in nature besides longlasting. It allows the ‘tukang kayu´(carpenter) to craft new designs and shapes to the product. Though rattan is found in tropical countries, it´s scarce in South East Asian regions” he adds.

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